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Private Sector Substation Training

PS4L can deliver any of our substations courses on location at your private substation or generating facility.  We can also produce a private training program that combines topics from different PS4L courses and custom material relating to your employees needs.


We have delivered customized training for companies all along the East Coast of North America, for private electrical utilities, pulp & paper companies, and many other industrial sites.


Contact Patricia Stagno, for more information at (603) 475-8348 (toll-free 1 (800) 231-8795).


PS4L’s background in the electrical industry has formed the ideal foundation for a focus on safety in all of our training. We have developed industrial safety training programs that respond to a broad range of needs.



Training in the area of generation and substations is generally focused on trades upgrading and introducing new work methods.  At PS4L, our courses adaptable to most utility operations.  Courses have an emphasis on generation up to and including equipment rated to 345kV, but we also teach other generation methods.  Safe work procedures in these specific areas are critical and form a major part of any training program.  Available programs include:


Switching and Operations

This is a hands-on course.  Students will spend half of each day in the classroom, and half at a substation performing actual switching and grounding exercises.  Usual Course Duration: 4 days

Safety and Switching Workshop for T&D Stations

PS4l developed this workshop specifically for substation employees engaged in switching and operations on T & D Systems.  Students work in groups resolving instructor-directed scenarios and completing quizzes.  Usual Course Duration: 2 days or 5 days

Electrical Drawings and Control Systems (T&D)
Principles of reading and interpreting electrical schematics. Practice in your substation follows classroom learning. Topics include motors, circuit breakers, and batteries.  Usual Course Duration: 4 days

Electrical System Protection Relaying

This introductory course is intended to familiarize the participants with the basic principles of circuit breakers.  All types of high voltage breakers will be presented from an operations and maintenance standpoint.  Training is conducted at your facility and your equipment.  Usual Course Duration: 4 days

Understanding High Voltage Circuit Breaker Controls
This course provides skills and knowledge about protection schemes for electrical trade workers.  It provides a solid understanding of generation, high voltage bus, transformer, transmission and distribution line protection.  This is an overview course that is applicable to all electrical utility systems.   Training is conducted at your facility using your equipment  is used for instruction.  Usual Course Duration: 4 days

Circuit Breaker - General
This course teaches students how to read circuit breaker control schematics and understand the various functions.  Focus will be on the most common types of circuit breakers on your system.  Usual Course Duration: 8 hours

Personal Protective Grounding and Bonding for Substations
This course reviews basic grounding theory, reasons for grounding and the hazards associated with improper grounding techniques.  The course reviews various types and sizes of safety grounds, along with applicable installation methods.  Usual Course Duration: 8 hours

SF6 Gas Technology in Power Systems
This course offers a combination of theory and hands-on practice, providing a thorough understanding of all gasses used in typical power systems operation.  This course is designed for substation crews responsible for operating, testing, troubleshooting and maintaining gas controlled or operated equipment.  Safety and environmental concerns are stressed in both the theory and practice sessions.  Training is conducted at your facility using your equipment  is used for instruction.  Usual Course Duration: 4 days

Voltage Regulation and Tap changers
This course is suitable for anyone working in substations or power-houses and who is required to maintain, switch or troubleshoot metal-clad switchgear.Usual Course Duration: 8 hours

Circuit Breaker / Gas Technology Refresher
This course is an overview of voltage regulation and tap changing equipment, design, operation, and maintenance used in typical power system voltage control systems. It provides valuable basics for understanding the theory and application of these tap changes, as well as practical testing and control circuit exercises.  Typical control circuits are covered in depth, as this is where most substation crews will encounter their work.  The course covers maintenance and overhaul procedures supported by a manufacturer's video.  The instructor stresses worker safety and correct procedures throughout the course. Training is conducted at your facility using your equipment.  Usual Course Duration: 2 days

Metal Clad Switchgear
This course condenses and combines the circuit breaker and gas technology to provide a basic overview of circuit breakers and gas technology.  Training is conducted at your facility using your equipment  is used for instruction.  Usual Course Duration: 5 days

Print Reading Refresher Course
The morning tutorial covers the key components of station one-line print reading. The lecture section is followed by an afternoon workshop. The participants are given work-related scenarios designed to get everyone involved in all the questions. Each participant learns to use one-lines for identifying isolation requirements and hazards.  Training is done at your facility and your equipment  is used for instruction.Course Duration: 1 day

Electrical Awareness for Non-Electrical Trades
This program provides a basic understanding of common electric circuits and equipment with emphasis on safety. Attendees will gain an increased appreciation for hazards associated with electricity and an understanding of  when to call for assistance.  Course Duration: 1 day

High Voltage Safety

PS4L’s roots are in training trades people for the electrical utilities industry. Our instructors are second-to-none in their level of knowledge of safety practices when working on or around high voltage equipment or facilities.These courses are specifically targeted at trades people who are working in the high voltage electrical industry, such as generating plants or private line contractors.PS4L has delivered high voltage electrical safety training to clients in many jurisdictions. If you are from an electrical utility outside of the US, please contact us to find out how to arrange training for your personnel.